With the arrival of the pandemic and initially to support several institutions, we started producing reusable TNT masks, certified by CITEVE.

Our masks are produced with a double layer of TNT and a nasal clip.

Masks with the possibility of customization.

Available in packs of 5 units or individually for large quantities.

To keep up with the evolution of the market, we extended our offer with reusable certified masks, level 2 for professional use.

In addition to the possibility of personalizing your brand, using the sublimation technique, the masks are certified up to 25 washes at 60 degrees.

All masks are supplied in individual packaging, with no minimum quantity.

More than producing a mask, we created a fashion accessory that is equally safe, made of cork available in different colors and patterns.

Masks with nasal clip and replaceable filters.

Like our TNT masks, cork masks are customizable and an excellent option for the disclosure and promotion of brands.