Yoga mat, available in cork and rubber or double layer of cork.                  

Cork agglomerate blocks in 227x120x65  and 227x120x75 mm formats.

Balls available in formats 050, 070, 075 and 090.

Weights available in two formats, 80 and 100.

Yoga is a practice that aims to work the body and mind in an interconnected way, with exercises that help to control stress, anxiety, pain in the body and spine, in addition to improving balance and promoting a sense of well-being and disposition, which can be practiced by men, women, children and the elderly.

More than an exercise, yoga is a philosophy of life, with techniques that lead us to the expansion of consciousness.

For this, the more comfortable you are, the greater your body awareness will be and you will have better control of the mind so that it influences the body and, thus, the whole organism works in a harmonious and balanced way.